Tuition Details

The core of all DRUMSCHOOL tuition is based around

Rudiments * Independence * Time Keeping * Technique

Drumscore Interpretation* Styles Studies and Creativity

DRUMSCHOOL wants you to become a

GREAT MUSICIAN... who just so happens to be a drummer!


All DRUMSCHOOL tuition is on a one-to-one basis and therefore is tailored to individual needs within a general structure that can include the Trinity Rockschool OR Trinity Guildhall courses if required as well as so much more!


A music festival can have all shades of musicianship ranging from the ‘newcomer bands’ with young musicians, right through to established artists backed by the finest of seasoned session musicians but who all share the same stage.

Therefore all DRUMSCHOOL courses aim to appreciate the validity of all these abilities, styles and shades whilst encouraging attainment of the highest levels of performance and professionalism.

However, for most it is very satisfying just to see your own progress with a more structured course approach, as outlined below.

If Graded Exams are required then DRUMSCHOOL (Belfast) uses the courses offered by Rockschool & Trinity Guildhall :-

Foundation Zone

Classic Rock Zone

Performer Zone

Session Pro Zone

Incorporates the elements of Foundation Grades up to Grade 2 plus much, much more! You will understand basic music theory and how to apply this to your playing at the drumset.

Builds on Foundation Zone and incorporates most of the elements of Grade 3 with an emphasis on developing great rock rhythms and various other styles.

Builds on the Classic Rock Zone and incorporates completion of Grades 3-5 with an emphasis on drum score interpretation, styles studies, greater independence and creativity

Builds on the Performer Zone course and incorporates completion of Grades 6-8 with an emphasis on the range of styles that you will encounter in your playing career!

Exams optional

Exams optional

Exams recommended

Exams recommended

Finally, since DRUMSCHOOL caters for beginners through to advanced players individual tuition can be tailored to your own requirements.

Email Alan for Terms and Conditions, Fees and Applications.

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